TuxLCD is a small Linux program that displays real-time system stats on an LCD display. Currently it supports the Matrix Orbital LK202-25 character LCD screen and has plugins to display CPU usage, network traffic, system temperatures, and more...

The TuxLCD project is currently at a pre-alpha stage and is being developed in my spare time. I have the basic daemon working and a couple of plugins providing basic system information and another providing temperature and fan information from libsensors. These plugins are dynamically loaded at runtime allowing other developers to create their own plugins and release them for use with TuxLCD.


System name and kernel version System temperatures

Figure 1: Sample screens from TuxLCD showing system name and temperatures



  • Currently supports the Matrix Orbital LK202-25 character display
  • Support for keypad - on Matrix Orbital MX2 anyway
  • May support other Matrix Orbital character displays, although this is untested!
  • Plugin system allowing extra functionality to be added to TuxLCD (e.g. XMMS track info, Seti progress, etc)
  • Plugin system for LCD drivers allowing support for extra display to be easily added
  • Screen definition file allowing customised screens to be displayed (text-file, GUI editor to be written at some point)
  • Supports custom character format used by LCDC - lots of custom chars available at